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Founded since September of 2003 by Yen-Pin Su, Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean (OLAC) is an academic and non-governmental website designed to facilitate access to Internet-based information to, from, or on Latin American affairs. Our target audience mainly includes people living in Taiwan who have an interest in this region.

OLAC’s editorially reviewed directories contain over 360 unique URLs, presently the single guide in Taiwan for Latin American content on the Internet. Those strictly selected URLs are in English, Spanish, or Chinese. According to the critical reviews and grading, users can easily access the helpful websites without wasting lots of time. Despites the academic materials, OLAC provides URLs about Latin American literatures, mass medias, human rights issues, electoral information, and domestic economic and social indicators, etc. Furthermore, OLAC also provides abstracts of the webmaster's academic articles, term papers and M.A. thesis.

The region of Latin America is very crucial to Taiwan because there are more than half of diplomatic alliances of Taiwan in this region. However, while the Political Science academia of Taiwan put overemphasis on China studies and Cross-Strait relations studies, there are  few experts of Latin America in Taiwan. Therefore, while many of our resources are designed to facilitate research and academic endeavors, OLAC also serves as a friendly gateway to Latin America for Taiwanese primary and secondary school teachers and students, private and public sector professionals, and anyone looking for information about this important region.

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Yen-Pin Su, current doctoral student in Political Science at University of Pittsburgh, PA (2006.8.~). He received his M.A. in Political Science at National Taiwan University in 2005. His M.A. thesis entitled "Social Movements and Democratization in Mexico." His research interests include political economy of reform, political development, democratization, state-society relations and social movements, with a focus on Latin America.

Academic Publications:

Social Movements and Democratization in Mexico. Taipei: Taiwan International Studies Association, 2006. (in Chinese)

2005.  “Book Review Essay: The Chiapas Rebellion: the Struggle for Land Democracy by Neil Harvey; ¡Zapatista Lives! Histories and Cultural Politics in Southern Mexico by Lynn Stephen; Rebellion in Chiapas by John Womack Jr.,” Political Quarterly Book Review 7 (September 2005).(In Chinese)

Mexican Social Movements and Democratic Transition. Paper prepared for the 2005 annual conference of the Taiwanese Political Science Association. Taipei: National Cheng-Chi University, December 10-11.

The Political Economy of Argentine Financial Crisis: 2001~2002. Paper presented at the 2004 annual conference of the Taiwanese Political Science Association. Kaohsiung: I-Shou University, December 17-18.

Book Review of Las Venas Abiertas de America Latina, by Eduardo Galeano, Political Science Quarterly Book Review No.3(September 2004).(In Chinese)

Abstract of Term Papers:

2006. Electoral Volatility in Latin America: A Test of Institutional, Economic, and Political Scandal Explanations.

2006. Volatile Voters in Taiwan’s Presidential Elections. (research design)

Other Works:

2006.  Social Movements and Democratic Transition: A Comparative Study of Taiwan and Mexico. (research proposal for application of PhD program)

2005.  Social Movements and Democratization in Mexico. (writing sample for application of PhD program)

2006. "Inside the '1992 consensus'" Taipei Times, April 9,p.8. (Letters to the editor)

2006. "Ma Playing with Ethnicity" Taipei Times, March. 27, p.8. (Letters to the editor)

2006.  "What is US' 'status quo'?"  Taipei Times, March. 9, p.8. (Letters to the editor)

2006. "Ramifications of 228."  Taipei Times, March. 3, p.8. (Letters to the editor)